It’s Pickle Barrel Time!!!

…and boy does Created by Jill have one awesome kit to share with the digital community! I loved it so much that I have made 3 layouts with it, and a fourth is still coming!

This first one is made with the kit and the Free with Purchase Template Set. I just love the mood it creates and it was perfect for my Hoover Dam at night Photos!


This fun one is of Melissa and her friend Riley – they are so cute together!


And this is my baby girl – 13 years old already! I just love this picture and I had so much fun surrounding her with all the delicious goodies this kit has!


This is part of the August Pickle Barrel, and you can get the entire package here:

There is, as always, a coupon and a sale when they first release:


Run!! Go get it!!!



It’s Fun Friday!!!

This is a giddy week for me. I loved – I mean LOVED these kits, and Dagi is BACK!!!! Dagi’s Temptations has teamed up with JB Studios and will be doing templates in conjunction with her!

First up, Created by Jill.
“Some Kind of Wonderful” – July Pickle Barrel!

This is my father’s family as it was in 1958. Such a treasure to find!


Just a fun layout about our trip to Sedona.


Created by Jill “Missing You”




JB Studios “Reach for the Stars” July Pickle Barrel


JB Studios/Dagi’s Temp-tations Commercial Use as well as Personal Use!


Seatrout Scraps July Jackpot. I adore these pictures of my very young parents with my sister!




Created by Jill – Missing You Fusion Kit

Many times, digital scrapbooking meets a need for a page, and sometimes it’s as if the kit was made just for a memory and a kit. This is one of them.

Missing You Fusion Kit – Created by Jill

Missing You – The DigiChick


I have so many pictures that I have found of our family since my Father died, but I’ve added many more since my Mom died.

My mom was the family historian, and she had books and books of photos. This is one of them of her. It’s her graduation day and it just took my breath away. It’s a weird experience to look at pictures of my Mom before I existed.

Jill’s kit couldn’t have been any more perfect to scrap this photo – both for the theme of the kit, and the colors. It matched perfectly with the photo, and I certainly do miss my Mama. This just screamed my name.

I also want to encourage you to scrap the “messy” stuff. I’ve never felt more proud of my work, and never had such catharsis as I have in using Jill’s kits to work through the emotional baggage of losing my Mom suddenly. I look at the pages that I have made and they are pages that I am thrilled with the most. I can’t wait to put them all in a book and get them printed up. 

So…go get it!


Friday New Releases from Seatrout Scraps and Across the Pond!

Pages I did whose kits release today! Seatrout Scraps Rachel Pearce:
Melissa at 4 Months:
Flip Flop Fun – an Across the Pond Collab with Mandy King
I just adore these pictures of Melissa. It doesn’t seem that long ago that she was this small – but it’s been 13 years!!!
A visit to my parent’s Grave:
Daydream Believer – Seatrout Scraps
I know it’s a sad topic, but I feel the need to scrap it all now while it’s fresh.
Some old pictures of my Momma. I wish I had more of my Dad. These are so precious to me – especially now.
What’s the Scoop – Seatrout Scraps
I hope you like them, and if you do – go buy them!🙂

The Lily Pad June Challenges!!

I was so excited to just sit down and scrap with whatever I wanted to scrap with!! I love the challenges over at The Lily Pad, because they really stretch me with kits and designers that are more artsy than my normal style. Here are 6 pages that I have done and there are 3 more challenges to do. Then it’s finishing my Gingerscraps ones! EEK!

First up, a cute little page of my daughter and her friend Riley playing at the Science group at the library.  This is for the BYOC Challenge. I used Dawn Inskip Deep Blue Sea Papers and Elements, ETC by Danyale Jars and Blook Paint, Lynn Grieveson Blue Skies Ahead Transfers, and Pink Reptile Designs Today Elements.


Next up – the Random Challenge – I had to use colors from the opposite side of the color wheel!

Most pieces are ETC by Danyale. I have to go back and look for the credits.


This is a scraplift using LBW/Studio Basic “Laugh Often” and ETC by Danyale “Chapter 1 Chalk”, and a scraplift of mrs2a50’s “A Great Day”


And here’s mine!


This is a photo of my husband’s grandfather and Cesar Brion. He was really big into boxing and was a benefactor and friend to Cesar Brion. I used a bunch of TLP products for the Template Challenge:

Dawn Inskip Deep Blue Sea Elements, background paper, ETC by Danyale Jars and Bloom Paint and papers from Peace Love, Pink Reptile Designs “The Story”, Ilonka Designs Sandy Toes wood background.


I have been wanting to scrap these fun pictures of my daughter and her friend for a long time – then I remembered I had this wonderful kit, “Laugh Often”, by Little Butterfly Wings and Studio Basic! I used Fiddle Dee Dee’s “Gotta Lotta 2” template.

This is for the inspiration challenge. On the mood board, there was a picture of a woman smiling big and obviously having fun. That’s what inspired me to use this kit and scrap these pictures!


This is a photo I’ve waited a long time to scrap, and it just felt right today because I got the journaling down.

This is for the Style Challenge – to make a cluster with 12 or more elements. I used Pink Reptile Designs “Today” elements. Background is from the free Life is an Adventure Kit.

This picture brings a smile to my face every time I see it. There is a back story to why I smile – and it’s not in the pose or the place, or even the people, but an experience that happened that night. My husband has a model train weathering group, and every year they get together and just have an entire weekend of weathering and fun. This time they came to our house. As the day wound down, Michael asked us if we would take him and Elza down to the strip because she had never been there, and it had been 20 years since he had. As we walked through the casinos and down the street, people kept stopping us and asking for pictures and Michael’s autograph. Finally, we got to Ceasar’s Palace and Melissa seemed really confused. She came up to me and said quietly, “Mom, why is everyone wanting to take pictures of Michael? This is WEIRD!!!!!” It was then that it hit me: She had no idea he was famous! So, I said, “Honey, I’m sorry. I thought we told you that MIchael is an actor”. She was all “NO!!!!! He’s a STAR and you didn’t TELL ME????” She was quite indignant. She looked at Michael and he said to her, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but I’m still the same ole Michael. ”


Hope you enjoy them!